UX/UI Design for iPad App.

This tool is an effortless onset streamline of digital menu to book services in a hotel with facile experience without waiting for waiters service.

We were tasked on a sheer revamp to this mobile app. We designed the app which was easy to use. The task of inventory management was made simple and straight. The UI is organized to be clear and concise. We focused on ensuring that the system status was understood by the user easily.

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  • ClientPepmenu
  • IndustryHotel Digital Menu
  • ServicesUX/UI Design, Art Direction
  • Website
We create premium designs and technology.

When App turns a Waiter!!

Basically the client wanted to talk their capabilities and apprehend customer needs to fulfil them digitally. Our next step was to lay our flows and draft out an architecture, which tracks the information from their guest to exhibit what they got. The design gives the user the flexibility to e-book room, table slot, delicacies and other services as they require. The end result was a very simple yet efficient interface which worked equally well across a large user base.

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